Chinx Drugz One Night Lyrics


Shorty know I’m high, you heard me? Smoke my L…

White Ghost my ride, flip off my lid

Shorty see I’m high, throwin’ money in the air

Fly bitches on my side, steady talkin’ in my ear


In the club like you’re beloved, you the baddest I done seen

Say you got a man? Well that’s cool, but shorty he ain’t it

I can give you feelings he can’t give you in your lifetime

Baby, try it out – shorty, all I need is one night

All I need is one night, one night, one night

You can search all the world…

All I need is one night, one night, one night

You gon’ fall in love like this

[Verse 1:]

Now I be center-stage throwing money – we walk in, but we run it

She passed out when that new Rolls pulled up like Huggies

We rolled up, then we hopped out it – that big boy parked lopsided

She’s starting at my jock – that’s what I call cockeyed

Flew G5 with two pilots – we vacate, hit two islands

Your hoe she ain’t no saint, just left Saint Croix, then Saint Thomas

These hoes tryna find lovin’, please go right to me if I’m buggin’

Charge that line and fish gon’ bite, man this pimp shit for life


[Verse 2:]

Drop top that Beamer – cock back that heater

Two chicks they rollin’ – ass like Serena

All my bitches A-list, all my cars brainless

Chapter 4, page 6 – know that boy make hits

My money up, my cars up – my crib look like my high school

I’ll shoot you in your eye, rap about it, call that iTunes

My end game like Carl – my pimp game like Don Juan

Ten hoes, they choosin’ – I’m just tryna find one


[Verse 3:]

Shorty, I seen you over there, now get a load of me

I be ballin’ like the majors, these niggas know the league

Fresh up off that corner, stylin’ how I wanna

I be fresh to death, these niggas just in a coma

All these bitches up in my ear…

See my place, they wanna slide there…

Don’t need no key, ’cause I don’t cuff her

Keep her, I don’t want her

All I need is one night

Baby, when I’m finished, I’m a let her go

[Hook x2]