Chinx Drugz Now Or Never Lyrics

[Flight Attendant:]

La musica de Harry Fraud

Look, money bussin’ out my pockets, I ain’t never lied

Niggas rollin’ withcu but they never ride

Seems like I’m caught up in the devil’s eye

Father I’m gon’ need your guidance

I figure private flights just to change the climate

Riot be the squad, coke be them boys

Fuck around a hundred shots’ll get deployed

Been stylin’ on these niggas, I been wavy since

Take a seat ladies gents

See these niggas plottin’ through Mercedes tints

You are now in tune with the Harry Fraud Chinx Drugz extravaganza

We some wild cowboys swag on bananza

I been through hell and back, jail time death of Stacks

Now these features and these shows got me countin’ hella’ racks

I lost it all in one roll and told em’ bet it back

Shooters with’ me hit you in your head and back tell em’ that

You niggas perpetratin’ my niggas is paper scrapin’

You want the whole world to gain but you came with nathan (nothing)


I ain’t a fan of the past man it’s now or never

I got a whole lot to gain better now than never

I analyze the game through the tally weather

I forced my way up in the game they weren’t tryna let us

I push up on your bitch smellin’ like Bvlgari (Balgari)

Polo’d down more horses then a car lot of Ferrari’s

I’m mashin’ on em, no apologies or sorry’s

Loui loafers on them piso’s, Crackers call me Nari

I’m a certified boss money, player money, like cake we get it in layers

When you this fly you experience a bit of turbulence

We are not the sucker niggas like some kind of Urkel’ers

The game is just my playin’ field and I’m at the 30-yard line

Bouta go in for the kill, I’m the driver at the wheel

Throwin’ money in the sky you don’t know how it feels

Swear to God my whole like feels like I’m on a pill

With’ a little bit of lean knots bulgin’ out his jean’s

Rap game ain’t been the same since I stepped up on the scene

My jewelry clean, not my money though

These niggas hate me but they baby mothers love me though