Chinx Drugz No Way Out Lyrics

[Verse 1:]

Made my way about that lobby

Now I’m a walking lick come rob me

Paid attention to my O.G

So I end up no homi (homicide)

I’m on solid ground with my ten toes

Haters frown when that Benz rolls

But watch what you say cause

That forty hotter than ten stoves

Get burn, Dead presidents I earned

Now my money straight like worms

Niggas went left but I made the right turn

Before you get left, better say the right words

Word! Niggas done came out the jects

Fuck what they talking if ain’t ’bout them checks

Ten white bricks rolling in the white Vette

Fly young nigga fuck whoever I got next, yeah

[Hook: x9]

Twenty bricks in the trunk I’m going

Just got pulled over and I’m on parole

The only option I got is blow it

If they catch me high I ain’t ever coming home

Nigga there’s no way out, there’s no way out, (nigga there’s no way out)

[Verse 2:]

Now them hatin’ niggas want to kill me

And them bad bitches want to fuck me

If you owed a nigga, I want mine

You say a nigga tryin’ to duck me

I’ll be riding round with my young nigga

Fuck niggas we don’t run with em

My dough stack like ten-five

So it’s five racks by ten times

I pull up and stunt on them hoes

You see me drippin’, all covered in gold

Used to hit licks on them corners, was cold

Drop that work, let it boil on the stove

Might get shot caught dipping in the projects

Young nigga balling, I’m dripping in them rocks

Bricks in the trucks ride around, nigga hot

Just got both and I bail on the cops


[Verse 3:]

Look, came in this bitch on my own

No supervision look bitch now I’m grown

They want me dead but I came out that hole

Glock 40, let’s see how many shells it can hold

Roll through the blocks tell em’ niggas duck

Point of a brick tryin’ get a buck

When your nigga with you trying live it up

Because when the feds come and get him, better wish him luck

Chasing that money I feel like I’m trapped

When I be open I lay with that strap

For the right number they aim at your cap

Only one way in and out of the trap

Feeling like Pac get a nigga up

Safe half way, trying to fill it up

Dees on the block trying to get a bust

Will I still get the keys to the bigger truck?