Chinx Drugz Lyrics

Chinx Drugz Funkmaster Flex Freestyle Lyrics

That’s right

I take it from here

Let’s get it

What? That’s right

I’m a coke boy

Straight out the fuck’n dungeons of rap

Where fake niggas don’t make it back

R.I.P my brother Stack Bundles

You know that

I’m talking youngin we was mob’n, we was live’n lawless

Clock’n all them dollars, watch’n them informants

Last night I fell asleep, with dreams that be enormous

Then them Ds rush the spot, they said they had a warrant

Choppas for my haters, dollars for my thoughts

Niggas in them pens, blow’n on them Ports

Half a 5th of gin, deal’n with my losses, years later

Same young niggas turn to bosses

Bitches on them poles, try’n to make a live’n

Niggas fuck’n up they re-up, throw’n money at the ceiling

And it was all for the love of drug deal’n

Stick your ear out my window and you hear them shells peel’n

This is what they want, that fit just new york, button up and khakis

Nigga fresh up out of court, niggas started off with weed, graduated to that snort

They got they money up to come and see me on the court

Damn right you know I served them

Sell’n 12-12s to put 20s on suburbans back when niggas rode excursions

And say the wrong word, get your dome lit, youngin why you play’n get the whole brick

Aim’n at your top with extend yoppers, talk’n business with bosses over shrimp and lobster

Comatose’n these rappers, put ’em all to sleep, and papi think I’m Dominican, so I got it cheap

Coke boys ride’n ’till we break the ball bearings

This tech empty out your spot like a store clearance

I’m drip’n in all this poland, that’s frozen water

A chemist up on the stove with that boiling water

They say me and my niggas make that south rap, so I let this geechy-ass tech push his mouth back

Yeah they got it, but I take it from here, see we play with no fear, see that cake over there?

I’m get’n tour money, talk’n ball money, we don’t need no favors over here