Childish Gambino Lyrics

Childish Gambino 12.38 Lyrics

[Childish Gambino:]


Someone made a mess in my account (Someone sound like me, yes)

Someone bought a Patek in a panic (Yes, yes)

Forty Bentley addict, I go manic (Oh no)

Hit the oochie-coochie ’til it’s slanted, ooh

I’m gon’ beat it up, ooh, baby

I’m gon’ make you dreams come, baby

Ayy, you the one who talkin’ all that trash (You the one who talkin’ all that trash)

Forty-five, I’ll twenty-eight that ass (Ooh)

You can set the snow on fire (Yeah, ooh)

You smell like a peach papaya

She said, “Eat this psilocybin, I’ma be right back”

I’m like, “Aight” (Aight)

“Ayy, I don’t know what psilocybin is” (No)

“This better not be no molly”

She just laughed and closed the door

Dark chocolate, sea salt

I took a bite

She said, “We gon’ have a special night”

I said, “Who you telling, girl? I know that”

Tracee Ellis with it when you throw back (Ooh, yeah)

Girl, I see your (Shadow move)

Ooh, you’re so divine (Yes, you are)

And them panties came off (Ooh, yes they did)

I’ma give you some privacy (Uh)

Pictures with your stepsisters (Hmm)

N. K. Jemisin with you, uh

Got the All About Love, on some bell hooks

Then I turned to a dirty look, uh (Meow)

Ayy, why your cat lookin’ at me sideways?

“Sing to her”

I said, “Nah, I’ll put on the radio though”

(I might let you go)

Lay back on my back (Uh), vibrate

My ex on some BS

She walked out the closet

Girl, never write a check I can’t deposit

She said, “Boy, stop, let’s go walkin'” (Let’s go walkin’)

“You wanna be outside for this”

We just talkin’

Dogpark looking like a Trader Joe’s (Roof, roof)

Pepper Young, mmh, thought you hated those

Other girls, uh, let they shady show

Every time we walk around

They say, “How she gonna hold him down?” No

They don’t know what they missing

Most these niggas wanna run around with these scissors (Yeah)

I prefer to just stroll the park with this shotgun

Baby girl was just diggin’ all in my pockets (All in my pockets)

I was going hard (By the magic hour)

We were holdin’ hands, tried to make me understand (Yeah)

Make girls fall in love, that’s my (Magic power), yes

Everybody’s jealous I won’t ease it with these colors

Ooh, I wanna see it in the moonlight

Yellow, red, orange robe, askin’ for donation (oh)

I’m not a tourist, nigga, this is not vacation (I am not a tourist, nigga, this is not vacation)


Goddamn, man, this girl goin’ crazy on my Motorola

She said, “Let me answer it” (Let me answer)

Then she’ll know it’s over (Ooh)

Girl, you cancerous, you gon’ ruin my life

Let me get this paperweight, then come be my wife

She just laughed and touched my face (What you mean?)

You don’t understand what this is (Oh wait, wait, wait, wait)

I ain’t lookin’ for another lifetime

Let’s just stay here and enjoy the great design

Had the iceberg tucked in my waist (Bling)

Fuck an omelet, you can eat off my face (No)

I just thought that we were vibin’

You don’t love her, then you lyin’

Come and go and you get tulips

Put a finger to my two lips (It’s okay)

Ooh, you got it bad, just remember what we had

You can set the snow on fire

The reason that your suffer is desire (Huh)

The reason that I’m moving with this ooh-wee

I was lovin’ life, I got too deep (I was too deep)

Woke up in my room, she was long gone

Toni singing me another sad song (Ooh)


Oh, until we meet again

[Kadhja Bonet:]

This ain’t special, tell me what you want

This ain’t special, baby, this is fun

This ain’t special, tell me what you want

This ain’t special, baby, this is fun

[21 Savage:]

Drop it off (21), let me see if your booty soft

Gold mouth (Hold up, hold up), yes, I’m from the Dirty South

Lights out (Straight up), summertime, I brought the ice out (21)

Pipes out (On God), all my shooters came from Moscow

Got a girl in Harvard, I talk proper when I call her (21)

Baby, I’m a baller, ain’t no way that I can rob ya (Straight up)

She don’t want no new friends, she just tryna buy her a new Benz (On God)

I’ve been counting M’s, me and Ben Franklin damn near kin (On God)

Put my mind to it and I did it, them facts (21)

Talkin’ ’bout your brother to get some pussy, that’s wack (Straight up)

The police keep harassin’ ’cause I’m rich and I’m black (Straight up)

They mad ’cause I made myself a boss without crack (On God)

I ain’t trippin’, boy, I’m Lamborghini whippin’ (21, 21)

Straight up out the trenches, money made me ign’ant (It did)

I’m on a private jet eatin’ Popeyes chicken (21)

I be flexin’ like I’m eatin’ Popeye’s spinach (21, 21, 21)


Morning dew

Percolating and still have a little time for Sunday, ooh (So baby, let’s take it back to the crib)

(Back to the, back, back to the)

Baby, I might let you go

Babe, baby, no matter what

And like I switch the other side of me

Baby got a whole lotta ride on me

Babe, baby, let’s take it back to crib

Back, back to the crib

Back, back to the, babe

I might let you go

Baby, baby, no matter what

And I can, I can, I can, I can

To the crib

Back to the crib, back to the

And no one seen them

Baby, I, baby, baby, I