Changing Faces G.H.E.T.T.O.U.T. Lyrics

Sittin’ there, sittin’ there

Sittin’ there

All alone

I been feeling kinda strange lately

I don’t know what’s going on, baby

Ever since I came back from out of town

Something’s telling me some bullshit is going down


Boy is it someone else you’re seeking

Is it someone else

My vitals’ telling me you’re creeping

Finding numbers in your jeans

You’re talking in your sleep

Faded letters written by me get o-u-t


No more sittin’ at home alone

While you’re out with somebody else

No more staring at the phone

‘Cos I can do better by myself

Yeah, it’s obvious how things have changed within the year

Just give me half of the rent and get out of here

No more talking save your lying for somebody else

Keep on walking ‘cos I can do better by myself




I gave you all, all of my time

But you would not know a good thing

If it stares you in your face




Oh oh oh oh

Hey ey ey ey

Oh oh oh oh

[2 ’til fade]