Case Tell Me Lyrics

[Lil’ Mo]

Damn, I got honey right here

I like to make her go

Recipient of multiple heartbeats

I’ll even tell her the true dog

I’ll tell her the truth, yeah

Damn, whatever, yo

Just kick it with us



Tell me what you want from me

Tell me what you like and

I’m gonna give it to you

I’m gonna give it you, baby

Tell me all your secrets

Baby, I’ll tell you mine

Love to make your dreams come true

I’ve been lonely for a long, long time

Don’t quite know what love is, so I spread it around

(get your hopes around)

She was from a distance, didn’t know what to say

But I knew you were the one for me (I like that)

The perfect one for Case, you did, too


When my last love went away

(what you gon do now?)

How was I to know (think of it)

That a love you could play for fool (fool)

More often than you know

Yeah, guess my love wasn’t good enough

Cuz she said she couldn’t stay (see ya)

And I find it so amazing

(amazing, I really can’t wait)

But it’s bright here today



Won’t you tell me

Now tell me good, oohhh

Tell me that you like it, yeahh

Tell me something good

Tell me that you love me, yeah

[Chorus to end]