Case Rain Lyrics

Oh, hmm

The sun gone down

And I’m all alone

Rain drops fall on my window pane, hmm

I’m waiting here for you to call so

We can be alone in the rain, so

[1] – Let it rain on me

Come down on me

Come inside and make me feel right

Let it rain on me

Come down on me

Let’s get wet together tonight

Hey, here we are

And you look so fine

You can’t wait to feel me inside

And I hope it’s no mistake

And in the morning when I wake

That the storm that made us one passes by so?

[Repeat 1]

Oh, I just need to feel a part of you

And when you give me your love

That’s all I need

Your love is all I need

To make my night complete

And no one can do you like me

So let it rain on me

[Repeat 1]

Let’s not waste tonight

Let’s not waste tonight baby

Oh let’s not waste tonight

We don’t need to waste no time, oh

Let’s not waste tonight, oh

Let’s not waste tonight?