Bun b sext me lyrics

[Intro: Just Brittany]
Aaaah! [beat starts]

[Chorus: Just Brittany]
I'm lookin' sexyyy. - I'm feeli'n sexyyy.
You wanna sex meee? - Then take a picture, baby text meee!
You wanna freak me? All you gotta do is Tweet meee!
But don't you trick me, baby treat meee!

I'm lookin' sexyyy. (sexyyyyyy!) - I'm feelin' sexyyy. (sexyyyyy!)
You wanna sex meee? - Then take a picture, baby text meee!
You wanna freak me? All you gotta do is Tweet meee! (Tweet meeeeee!)
But don't you trick me, baby treat meee!

[Verse 1: Bun B]
Yeah, well this is dedicated to the opposite sex, it's for
All the lonely ladies with no man lyin' next to ya!
Need a real Trill man to rub and caress ya, ('ress ya!)
Lay you down and undress ya. - ('dress ya!) - Put it on ya and bless ya! (bless ya!)
Baby look no further, I'm the one you need to say yes ta (yes ta!)
I don't need nobody else up in this bedroom, just ya!
Yeah! (yeah!) - Cause you and me we makes a hell of a pair (pair!)
I like you scratchin' my back. (back!) - You like me pullin' yo' hair! (hair!)
And I don't care - Black, White, Puerto Rican or Asian
European, Cape Verdean. - Creole or Cajun!
Domestic, international. - Even cosmopolitan
College girls, housewives, workin' or you modellin'. (hold up!)
I'm lovin' all shapes! - All colors, all sizes. (sizes!)
In the dark or in the broad day with no surprises ('prises!)
I got a suite that's on reserve at the telly (telly!)
Ready, willin' and waitin' so just hit me on my celly. (celly!) - It's goin' down...


[Verse 2:]
[Candi Redd:]
Oh, Candi Redd! - 2 A.M. and we gon' get it in, afterparty we gon' kick it off (off!)
Put your favorite dessert all over my body and let you li-lick it off. (off!)
I'm a light these Roman therapy candles and grind slow while undressin' (yeeah!)
Move yo' way in this lingerie baby, come open yo' present.
Up and down like a light switch. (aaahhh!) - I ain't Just Brittany but it make me sing! (sing!)
I'm all over that night stick, (aaahhh!) keep beatin it up like I'm Rodney King! (King!)
From behind with a tight grip. - Go on 'head boy do yo' thing. (thiing!)
Tryna let you hit it with that flex when you on yo' way to see me with that text! (text!)
I bet the neighbors know his name the way he beat it out the frame (frame!)
Surreal ride it like an 8-0-8, that sex good, he know it's great. (greeat!)
I work them hips, I work that face, throw it back and he daddy stroke,
Put whip cream on that kitty cat. - Eat it up and it purr back!
Pull my hair! - Arch my back! - Forget them clothes, throw 'em on the flo'!
He grip my thighs I'm goin live; Miss Aquafina, he know I'm wild.
What he do? - Just text me! - You wanna freak me? - Just Tweet me! (tweet meeee!)
Hit the flex when you sext me. - I'm on my way so he can sex me!


[Verse 3:]
I'm a sexting - model.
Lookin' like lemonade in a Coke bottle. (bottle!)
'Llac with my left eye's followed
So boulders try to hit - on me harder than Drago. (Drago!)
W-T-F O-M-G; semi-colon parenthesis. - T-T-Y-L on the screen. (uh-huh!)
Your girls'll say kick on the touch screen!
Smart Phones, sleek. - My presence make him hurry (uh-ha!) (hurry?)
So they all wanna talk sweet to my "BlackBerry".
I'm in my wife beater, "Boy Shorts", laid back, comfortable.
H-2-O, not RFL; flow so incredible.
Candy sweet - edible! - Fo' G, digital!
Tell me what you need but please don't call, gotta sell it back good. - Hands on!
Rollin' on kush. - Roll thin! (yeeeah!) - They appetite large - V-12 engine. (yeeeah!)
Scorpio, I handle my business (yeees!) no tip but I stole what I finish. (yeeeah!)
Roll like thick I got that holla back. (yeeeah!) - Make her wanna follow that! (yeeeah!)
Look daddy, no hands! - Can you handle that? (yeeeah!)

[Chorus] [echoes] [beat stops]