Bring Me the Horizon Blacklist Lyrics

So just like that you’re fucking dead and gone

You can only wear a crown of thorns for so long

We built an empire and you took the throne

But you built it from bayonets and sat there alone

I hope your queen was worth it,

Do you still serve her on your knees?

Because you sat when the world was at your feet,

Just slept while we lived the dream

You won’t miss the water,

Till the river runs dry

You won’t miss the sunset,

Till it burns out the sky

You won’t miss what you have,

Till it’s finally lost

But you don’t miss a bastard,

When you’re bearing his fucking cross


Nothing but a blacklist

With friends like you,

There’s no need for enemies

With friends like you,

There’s no need for anything


You’re nothing but a blacklist

Well, truth be told

I’m a little bit gutted

I mean you were always a prick,

But we still seemed to love you

We started this together and it should have stuck

But there’s no room for a useless, miserable fuck

Well I know I was a cunt in the final days

It just filled me with venom, filled me with rage

To see someone not give a shit,

Despite of all of this

I won’t see you around, I couldn’t give a fuck

I’d rather slit my wrists than keep in touch

You’re on my blacklist and there’s nothing left to say

We’re finished breaking our bones, dragging dead fucking weight