Boston te quiero mia lyrics

Hey, you can be so unfair,
And you know
I will remember you said you'd always be there
When you go

Hey, te quiero Mia
I want you for mine
Hey, te quiero Mia
I had a really good time, yeah
Hey, I had a really good time

You can lie, and I'll still believe it, it's OK.
It doesn't matter,
I know that you really mean it in your own way


Hey, you know what you want
Well, maybe love is blind
But it's alright, it's cool
I just want you to know
I had a really good time

Well I've been in love
But nothin' lasts forever
So just hold on long enough
And maybe you'll end up together
It's alright

Yeah, yeah yeah

You can lie to my face
And I'll believe it, it's OK
'Cause there's a feeling you can't replace
You didn't mean it anyway