Bloodhound Gang Socially Awkward Penguin Lyrics

What’s the harm in going over just to say “Hello”

She is beautiful, you’re a zombie from the Thriller video

Voice in my head, why do you sound like Billy Mays?

Not now Meatloaf, fights with no one scare girls away


When she’s dreaming about her Prince Charming tonight

I’ll be eating hot wings with a bib on to his right

As Charles Barkley dodges the Death Star’s laser beam

Don’t ask me what that means

She’s the one that’s having this fucked up dream

Doesn’t that cloud kind of look like Anna Nicole-Smith?

Good one genius, now she knows you’re mildly retarded

Voice in my head, a pep talk right now would help a lot

Buy some flowers that only have ‘She Loves Me Nots’


I thought that she was waving so I was waving back

Then I turned around and saw the shithead she was waving at

His tanning booth threw up on him, I pale in comparison

(He would think of something cool to say here)

Voice in my head, maybe there’s no one for me out there

On the bright side you’re gonna get really good at Solitaire