Bloodhound Gang Boom Lyrics

Stop as we drop this bomb

Blow up this place like another Vietnam

Heavy like a Tyson blow to the dome

Back up son give me room give me room

To set it off like this don’t give it up

I’m all up in you till you just can’t get enough

Real hard to the bone you want more

I sneak up on you like a sniper at your back door

Phat flavor for your brain you know the time

So check the wrath it’s for real I’m gonna get mine

Roll up on you like Eastwood

Blowing up fifteens as I’m riding through your neighborhood

I spreads butter like Parkay

Real smooth with flow and even when I parlay

Do what you feel and check the skill

I’m in your grill peep this I got the raw deal

I’m in your Jeep Grand Cherokee or Land Cruiser

When you’re rolling through the hood you want to use a

Track like this all up in your eardrum

So check the E.Q. and let them speakers hum

And gets crazy like Prozac

Hype enough to start a party and illy as a heart attack

Round one round two knockout

Straight to your head my round never lights out

Tah rah tah rah tah rah boom dee

Tah rah tah rah tah rah boom dee a

Jimmy Jimmy y’all Jimmy damn Jimmy yea

Gimme the mic Rob so I can take it away

Got more lines than the welfare office

Are you upset you’ll never get to be as clever as this?

Spreadin’ quicker than your mom have a feel but don’t cop it

Yea I stole your beat but that’s cause you dropped it

Crude as oil unrefined but slick

I’m gonna get you from behind like a gay convict

Cause my name ain’t Quasimodo but I still got a hunch

That like the Jim Jones cult I’ll take you out with one punch

You’re Spiro Agnew and I’m the Dick you answer to

You’re sweating like a watermelon at a Baptist bar-b-cue

Sneaking up like celery yeah I’m stalking

I squeak like Stephen Hawkings yeah but I’m walkin’

Nose to ground so this Bloodhound will sniff and follow it

I hope you choke on your pride when I make you swallow it

Screaming like a Mimi when you see me coming near you

Like a Kenny Loggins’ record no one’s ever gonna to hear you

Like a game of hide and seek it’s all over if I see ya

Cause your yellower than tinkle and you’ll be running like diarrhea

Tah rah tah rah tah rah boom dee

Tah rah tah rah tah rah boom dee a.