Big Sean Whatever You Want Lyrics

[Big Sean:]


They say they want something real

That’s what I’m a give em

And if I keep it real how could they not feel it

Hey yeah

Can you say GOOD music

Can you say GOOD music

[Verse 1: Big Sean]

Let me tell you about a bad ass chick everybody wanna grab her

Tryna climb on that looking for a ladder

Niggas wanna stab her, dag her, dag it

Everybody want it

Ain’t too many had it

Beauty and brains, went to all the classes

Graduated too even went and got a masters

Bad ass chick probably could have been an actress

So what she do?

She want to be an actress

Moved to Manhattan, shit got real

Took acting classes with Denzel

Leading lady like Hillary grabbing big Bills

Commercial money baby, ten thousand and a mill

Yeah, plus she had a baby boy

And the nigga she was with she couldn’t love more

Still want more, shit she on a roll

Move to hollywood she could probably get a role

And she did, but realized the nigga wasn’t shit

Addicted to the broads and on top of this she pregnant

With another boy

Honestly thought abort but still had the boy

Let’s name him Sean

Honestly probably after Connery

One of her favourite actors but acting ain’t promising

Ay yo I know there was certain things that was meant for you

And that’s why I’m giving you

[Chorus: Kanye West In Brackets]

(Whatever you want)

It’s whatever you want


Just tell me

(Whatever you want)

You deserve whatever you want


I won’t stop till you get whatever you want

(All the lights)

All the lights

(The love, dreams, you threw away for your baby boy

Hold on, now I’m on my way

Whatever you wanted)


[Big Sean:]

This goes out to you

This this this goes out to you, to you, to you

This this goes out to you, to you, to you my lady