Big Sean Story By Snoop Lion Lyrics

Ye it’s so cold in the motherfucking D

I’m talking real cold man I’m talking about June 19 motherfucking 86

On a west side off 8 mile road

Living with my pops while he was working at a motherfucking post office

Right around the corner I was working at McDonalds

Getting up in the morning doing that breakfast shift

I was so cold in the motherfucking eggs, they call me young eggs

I mean I had it locked and loaded I was gonna fuck around and go to school out there

To the coaches wanted me to come to Cody High and play basketball

And do my thing, but you know what man, the experience I had in Detroit was a hell of an experience man

‘Cause it shaped me, it molded me, it grew me

I came back from Detroit I was new and improved

I remember I wrote me a song, I said I went to Detroit to make my move a more track

Now I’m back and I’m new and improved

That’s how I came back from Detroit you understand me I was new and improved

So all to my folks out there in the D, it’s so motherfucking cold from the west side to the east side

Y’all know what it is, I used to stay on white street on the east side

Right by the east line mall you dig

So I mean I’m well routed, and tutored and suited and booted

Part of the D, it’s part of the G and the LBC

This is Big Snoop Dogg, Big Sean you know what it is

Detroit, let’s go.