Big Sean I Go Hard Lyrics


Big Big Sean

Big Big Sean


I go in

I go hard


If you really wanna talk about Good

I’m good

[Verse 1: Big Sean]

Pressure, pain, ache, struggle

This is my hustle

But I do it for the life

The love, the lights, the glory

I rise more than juries this is my story

And hell yeah I’m going for the title

If your name is on the title than it’s finna get the white out

Tell em throw it up for me

I’m going when it’s dark out

Endo with his light out

I’m feeling like Mike now (damn)

And my shadow is the only thing I’m fearing

If I need to see my idol I just look up in the mirror

Just think illogicial to me is illogical

So I took impossible and turned it into optical

See plus is like tears in the locker room

But you should take a look at where it got us to

You could never fathom all the shit I’ve been through or been to

A walking itch in my gym suit


[Verse 2: Pat Piff]

Uh, celebrated, determination

Life’s a love song so dedicate it to the paper

My staple

The brown nose on your face gonna smell of vapours

Finally famous

Said that I’ve been with

I’m so old school but the flow newfangled

Bicycle kick it yeah I’m finna Liu Kang them

Finsh em!

Focus like [? ] addiction

Shit real but you got no chance

I’m undefeated

But I’m a 100 proof and you’s a margherita

I’m a [? ] what you teacher said until I got kicked off like sneaker heads

Cause I was listening to beats instead of this white man

And all of his history lessons

I’m passing blunts in the bathroom

Pat Piff is absent, wood shop bitch

We carving out the classics


I’m harder than you and you and you and you

Really wanna talk about I’m good!