Big Sean Freaky Lyrics

Goddamn you got a lot of meat hangin’ there (mmm)

You’re kinda large

But when I look at a big, shiny, greasy dick like that (yeah)

My pussy almost jump out my drawers ooh shit

Ooh shit I can’t wait (oh fuck yeah)

Oh I wanna simply destroy that motherfucker (ooh)

Ooh please let me enjoy this good big dick while it’s here (oh my God)

Ooh I wanna ride this big [?]

Ooh I wanna put the dogs on the head of this good motherfucker

Ooh now look at here baby

If the jaws of my pussy start to grippin’ (mhm)

Don’t pay that no mind, it’s just that my pussy done got nervous

And a dick like that will make any pussy excited

Ooh shit, I could take a little bit more of this good motherfucker (oh my God, oh God, oh shit)

Baby, oh (oh, oh, oh sh-)