Big Sean All Your Fault Lyrics

[Kanye West:]

Yeah, you know we good

You talkin’ about this shit but whatever

We can go back and forth all day

[Hook – Kanye West and Travi$ Scott:]

(How much I feel, I live for your love)

Lit for your love baby, lit for your love

(Live for your love)

Lit for your love baby, lit for your love

(Live for your love)

Lit for your love baby, lit for your love

(Live for your love)

Lit for your love baby (Straight up!)

[Kanye West:]

That’s that don’t play, whoo, that’s that new Ye

People sayin’ I’m the closest thing to Mike since Janet, whoo

Tom Cruise, homie, we jumpin’ up on them couches

That’s a fresh house, is that a guest house

Your house got another house

Your bitch got a bitch, your spouse got another spouse

Young Walt Disney, I’ma tell you truthfully

If you leave Mickey you gon’ end up with a Goofy

I imagine thats what Chris told Karrueche

Girls be actin’ like it’s diamonds in they coochie

I don’t give a fuck, I don’t give a fuck

But cops chokin’ niggas out in the media

We finna have to protest and tear the city up

We bout to tear this whole place up pretty much

(How much I live)

[Bridge – Kanye West:]

And you know it’s all your fault

Nobody, nobody, nobody, babe

You know it’s all your fault

Nobody, nobody, nobody, but me


Ho we done made it through hell and disaster

My crib done got bigger, my women got badder

You wonderin’ how do you get in the game

I’m wonderin’ how do I get to the rafters

Oh boy, I’m mad until these records gettin’ shattered

Til I’m MJ or Magic, oh she just want the status, so

You the man she got, but I’m the man she been after

She done sent so many naked pics my phone ain’t got no data

I walk off in New York like my name Derek Jeter

Headed home to the D where you know I keep a Gina

I’m the good with the evil

Fuck you nice to meet you

You can have a peace sign man without the middle finger

With the clique when you see us, that’s my family to me

That’s my family tree

They’re my arms, legs, hands, and my feet

And I can’t cut them off even with diabetes

Hit the beat and kerosene it

Scratch that, I white sheet it

A 100 dollar fade every single time you see us

Been a king all my life so I shoulda got a Caesar

Somewhere off in Vegas rollin’ dice up at the Caesar’s

Got me thinkin’ back bout how I used to roll to Little Caesar’s

Piece of pizza with Tanisha

Now I’m with a Boniqua

She finna blow at that

I got your dream girl, yeah she actin’ like a ho at that

Throw her to me I’ma throw that back

Top spot I’m finna go at that

(Straight up)



[Big Sean (Kanye West):]

Ho you gotta move quick

(World in my hands, I ain’t gotta loose grip

I don’t like loose pussy or loose lips)

And I done did the impossible a few times, Tom Cruise shit

Ho and I ain’t satisfied bein’ on that top 5 list

(I ain’t satisfied until I’m on that all-time list)

Til everything I spit is all timeless

(My girl on that all fine list)

My life a little luck, a lot of grind

Bitch no maybe ho I gotta make it

(Fuck your nomination man fuck the world)

I’m repopulatin’, wrap my rollie round my waist yeah time’s a waistin’

(Niggas want the comma, comma combination)

Long as I’m around, it’s gon’ be dot dot dot a lot of waitin’

Got my pinky on her brain while I’m gettin’ brain plottin’ world domination

(People ask me how I done make it)

I’m just like “man if you want the crown, bitch you gotta take it”

Straight up