Big Sean 24K Of Gold Lyrics


Wishing I could rap my whole life up in 24 karats of gold

Lately I’ve been dreaming ’bout diamonds and pearls

Yup, diamonds and pearls, and enough money I could rule the world

(If I ruled the world)

[Verse 1: Big Sean]

If I ruled the world, I would buy it all

I’m addicted to champagne and buying the mall

I’m addicted to living life above the law

How much do it take to live above the law?

I call my homie Ralph up, cause his car stop

Told him bump a new car, come grab the car lot

That way you can have convertibles, and a hard top

Open up a few doors, since we had a hard knock, life

Like, open up, Where restaurants and legs stay opened up

Start a franchise

So my dog can quit wearing a 44 up on his waist like it’s his pants size

And to my OG locked up bumping Ready or Not

Who was just trying to do it big, but wasn’t ready to die

Cop a first class whatever he like, with hoes already inside

Now he can rest in piece while he alive


[Verse 2]

Seems life’s never at a stand still, even in a photo

Thinking about an the ex girl, I hold though

Like would we have won it all, or would I have lost it all like Ocho

The things I think about the most are things I never know though

Like, why don’t school teach more mathematics

Less trigonometry and more about taxes

They at the chalkboard, teaching us ass backwards

How about preparing us for life, instead of lab rat us

With a mansion that’s about 5 floors

No more sleeping on the couches, cause we got 5 more

With the fam that reminded me what I’m alive for

And at the same time remind me what I’d die for

A world where you wouldn’t need sleep

That way we’d catch up instead of chase dreams

And finally get the speed boat my dad always wanted

I swear I feel it coming


[Verse 3: J. Cole]

Is this a dream, well that’s how it feels

Sometimes I got to pinch a fat ass to see if it’s real

I specifically remember, no heat in the winter

Now I supply heat for the winter

Then I skate to the beach for the winter

When it comes to chips boy, nigga get a grip

No cleats I’m a winner

Show love to the hoes and the freaks I remember

Hit the club and raise hell all week for the sinners

Meet the young Dennis, the menace of society

Check my sobriety fuck hoes in varities

Shame that these things is the reasons you admire me

But, I’m getting doe man these flows ‘gon retire me

Splurging all crazy, switching lanes in the Range swerving all crazy

Style on the dial, I’ve been serving ya’ll lately

Cheddar on Federer

Ball ’till I fall, et cetera, et cetera