Beyoncé Slow Love Lyrics

[Verse 1:]

I read all of the magazines

While waiting around

You said you couldn’t wait to see me

But you got stuck in town

So turn off the phone

Now we’re finally alone

It’s the moments at the end of the day

Feel you touch and it’s the sweetest

Your kisses are my weakness

I never want them to go away


I wanna feel you in my heart

As I look into your eyes

No need to get busy so let’s take our time

And make slow love, slow love

And every minute that we have

It goes too fast

Wanna show you how to rock it so this feeling lasts

And make slow love, slow love

Slow love, slow love, slow love all night

[Verse 2:]

Just a few little things

That you’ve gotta know

A girl will give you all of her heart

When it’s happening slow

I need a little laughter

And love will follow after

Let’s take this chance to steal away

Your kisses are delicious

And no one is gonna miss us

Tonight I really want you to stay


[Verse 3:]

So I’m calling out

Do you hear my cries

Don’t have to say good-bye

You the breath on my skin

Cherish the taste

It’s far too good to go to waste

Feel my desire

Make sweet love all through

All through the night

Make love through the night

[Chorus x2]