Better oblivion community center my city lyrics

Looking out on the river bend
Looking out on the thing that isn't
Looking out on the freeway's push and pull
Looking out for the current
Little spells of forgetfulness
Little sounds are that shrill and urgent
Little insects that sting as they come and go
Little moments of purpose

I loved you
I wore you out
I missed you
Where are you now?

This town is a monolith
This town is a crowded movie
This town is a depot, I come and go
This town is my city

I hate you
I tore you down
I miss you
Where are you now?

Looking bad like those Vegas odds
Wear a smile like it's camouflage

Today was a smoking sky
Today was a civic menace
Today I went walking while things explode
Some sad independence

I want to be just as loud
All this freedom just freaks me out

Risk it all on the game of chance
Chasing love like an ambulance