Atreyu Someone’s Standing On My Chest Lyrics

Starving searching this barren wasteland

Trying to grasp being this alone

Pleading for a breath of fresh air, someone’s standing on my chest

Dying I’m asphyxiating myself

I kill myself

Break myself slave to my weakness choke on my words

Oh I’m drowning and I feel so alone

The lights are on and I wish I was home

My lips are screaming pretty nothings

My ears are bleeding for want of words, fuck words I need actions

Hope as left me fucking shattered

Someone’s standing on my chest

Alone would be a pleasant change from here

How do you gauge loneliness?

Have you ever felt so alone?

It feels like the light will never reach me here

I am choking back my longing for shed tears

So strangulated by my lonesome fears

Please don’t worry too much, it only hurts when I breathe

It only hurts when I breathe (when I breathe)

This only hurts every time I breathe.