Atreyu Living Each Day Like You’re Already Dead Lyrics

Raise up the ghosts of the dead – I won’t die like them

Push past the point of raw emotion – I will breathe

Exist with a broken spirit – I will die complete

Ignore what the angels say, enjoy that special place where the demons speak to me

I won’t pick out the lining of my coffin yet unless I am sure that color satin is me

Better yet go with crushed velvet, that way I’ll be damn sure to enjoy eternity

My daily life writes the eulogy, engraved on tombstone diaries

Laid to rest with the passing of time

Seems to me that even love can die

And the rituals that fade away, and the roses that cease to be laid

And to me it clearly appears that we’re already one foot in a very shallow grave

I will love with passion

You live like you’re dead

As each day dies, are we living on to the next or passing on in the twilight