Atreyu Bleeding Hearts Shed No Tears Lyrics

After all that has transpired

After all thats taken place

After all the stab wounds

And just just before my death

I rise pheonix, like anew

From the still burning ashes of false hearts lies

To fly once again, to shine from within

Dismember my myself

Severe my viens

Poisen myself

A heartless joke

Slash at my neck

Gouge out my eyes

Screaming in agony

You pacify me.

Bleeding hearts shed no tears

Soaked all the way through with remorse and regret

Fire to purify my soul and blood to replenish it

I search in hopes of completion to justify my love for you

Nothing ever ends where our souls begin

Nothing can save me from myself

You keep me safe

Resurrecting my love

An angel like you

Can never fall

Heaven I found

Right in my arms

I found love in you

I find truth in you

I see light in you

And it horrifies me.