Ataris When All Else Fails It Fails Lyrics

You’ll be forever an angel

In a sun dress blowing in the sweet September wind.

At least that’s how I choose to remember,

And in my heart you’ll never love again

Maybe it’s too late to regain sight of all that we have lost

Got to hold on to this moment

Don’t let go

Maybe it’s too late for redemption now.

I see a blanket of pale white snow

On the street side from this doll house full of open words

And the stained glass of the church next door

Casts its light upon this empty room

And your eyes, they used to shine as bright

As northern lights without

The demand to be loved

Is the greatest arrogance

And I can never make you love me again

But when all else fails it fails

Did I fail you?

Will you fail me too?

Because there’s nothing that I wouldn’t do to hold on to you

But you give me nothing to hold on to.

And maybe it’s too late

To keep the one I love from giving up and I,

I guess it’s too late for forgiveness

God forgive me!

I guess it’s too late for a family now

Everything reminds me of you

Everything reminds me of you

You’re an angel in a sun dress

And my heart will never love again…