Angus Stone Napoleon’s Dream Lyrics

As I lent against a tree and struck a match to my pipe

The hushed voice of the pines lent me a secret that night

With all the colors of the sea and the stars in your eyes

Which trail you will choose will be only for you to decide

For when the giants in your heart grow weary and fall weak

Never forget it is you and not fear who will speak

As the whisper fell to gold through the wind to my heart

The earth began to fold, the forest began to part

As the wishbones from the clouds fell from the needles of the pines

A hand from the shadow pulled me back to travel through time

Where the sounds of the ocean combed through and out my thoughts

It was inside Napoleon’s dream tonight I would walk

As the hand let go I fell through the pines and hit the forest floor

Where at the foot of the giant creaked open an old twisted wooden door

As I stepped inside aboard my crystal voyage had winched its sails

For now the world began to sink as the silked clouds became her veil

As the windows of the stars drew the keys for the map

I caught myself looked down thinking I’ll never look back

As we took to the moon my heart took all of what it could fill

For the treasures of my soul reached out and held me still

Shook on the shoulder I woke from this dream

Napoleon looked down and asked where I had been

I looked at him square straight dead in the eye

Said I think I was in the place I will go when I die