Angel Olsen You Are Song Lyrics

I thought surely I would not find it again

How I was wrong

It is as fateful as sin

The feeling that I belong to something in some way til the end

And I am making an effort to stay with you here

It has been easy to say that I would never lose sight of what my heart truly is

But the moment you step away I am forced to look in and face all the things that I have ever been without you

It is true at times one can see I am strong

I am not at home, yet I know where I belong

I am silence now, but I am always song

Can you hear me?

I thought this time last year I’d be dead

It’s quite strange the thoughts that pop into your head

When you’re busy smiling surrounded by your closest of friends

It is impossible to escape the sound of the dark that is following around

But I just go for a walk in my mind and the light can be found

And the moment I step away

You are forced to look in and face

All the things that you have ever been without me

It is true at times one can see you are strong

You are not at home, yet you know where you belong

You are silence now, but you are always song

I can hear you