Andy Grammer Build Me A Girl Lyrics

[Verse 1:]

I was merely a soul getting ready to go

Having one last talk with my maker

He said you’re going to earth for better or worse

We’ll see you back here sooner or later

So I said to him, as I spread my wings

Would you do one thing for me


Would you build me a girl from all over the world

I promise I’ll always adore you

Made in Japan, with the style of Milan, and a smile from California

Brazilian walk, a head from New York, and pretty Parisian curls

Build me a girl

Build me a girl

[Verse 2:]

Well the days went by

Wondering why, why it was I hadn’t found her

I was staring at eyes

Smiling at smiles

Still I was none the wiser

And you know I don’t

Don’t mean to impose

But I thought we had a deal



So calling all women who fit this description

If I’m what you’re missing

Then please just listen to the wind

The clouds they’re all screaming out, they’re trying to bring you to me

So do not shut them out

Because there is a lady who is made for me

Yes, there is a lady who has been made for me

[Chorus x2]