Alicia Keys Lyrics

Alicia Keys Better You, Better Me Lyrics

I look into the mirror

And see a different girl

Hiding from herself with

Not a care in the world

Her smile pretends to fool

Those she chooses to please

If they could only see the tears she cries for help

See, I have been that girl

Didn’t know which way to turn

Then one day I turned to me

I told myself to wake up

It’s gonna be a brighter day

I just have to believe that

My dreams won’t have to wait

At times I’ve lost my mind

Had to look deep inside

And find a way to get over

Had to swallow my pride

I searched the world for and answer

But I’ve been searching too far

Because I’ve been here all along

I’m here to make a statement

My place I’m here to claim it

Don’t tell me what my name is

I know

I’m gonna make it

I’ve come to far to lose it

Gotta stay focused

And find a better me

Feels like forever

Trying to work it out

Sometimes you’re gonna fail

And you know

Sometime it will rain

But the sun will come

When you think it’s all said and done

You know you see the light

And everything is alright

You can do

Whatever you put your mind to

Cause you’re all that you need

Like I do just believe

You’re here to make a statement

You’re place you’re here to claim it

You know just what your name is

I know

You’re gonna make it

You’ve come to far to lose it

Gotta stay focused

And find a better me