Alice Phoebe Lou The City Sleeps Lyrics

Babe have you seen those leaves on the ground

At first they shone from the pavement in gold red and brown

And they’ve been trampled on and ridden over

And they’re just sludge lying around

And I think it’s time to leave this town

The trees whisper secrets of summer’s love affairs

Of the carelessness tomfoolery that happened everywhere

But as the doors close

And the wind blows

The city sleeps

And the sky weeps

And I know I know

I know it’s time to leave this town

Oh no you won’t see me hanging around

But babe I’ll be back

When the sun starts to seep through the leaves

When I can sing you a song

As you sing along

On these magic berlin streets

With our night riding

Midnight gliding

Morning dancing

Pavement prancing

You know oh you know

You know I’ll be back to live this town

Oh you know I’ll be back to love this town