How to find your favorite song. How often do you have an obsessive inner voice humming the tune of a song in your head? You heard a song in the minibus in the morning and you sing it all day. Even a tune from a passing car can be a real curse. Why does our brain react so acutely to music, and how to get annoying words out of our head? Even psychologists and scientists were involved in the study of this issue. They called this phenomenon cognitive itching or, in a simplified interpretation, "earworm". So, in 2003, this effect was first studied when James Kelaris, during his research, looked for annoying motives, calculated the audience and hypothesized about all possible connections between all this. If you delve into the specifics of the work of neurons in the brain, then the perception of music lies in the area of responsibility of the auditory zone of the brain. It is able to reactivate when you no longer hear the music, but try to reproduce it in your head. This is the same obsessive song syndrome. Neuropsychologists have put forward a lot of hypotheses about this. For example, you remember those songs that you sincerely like or have sympathy for the performer. But what to do when a melody gets stuck in your head and getting rid of it is an urgent need? There is a way out: read the songs. Psychologists offer a lot of options for getting rid of the obsessive motive in your head. You can switch to another song. But this does not mean that the new song will not stay in my head for another day. They offer to eat something aggressive for the receptors. It is impossible to disagree here: it is unlikely that you will sing "the new year is rushing to us" when you yourself have just eaten a stick of cinnamon or a spoonful of mustard. But let's leave radical methods. Try a painless and safe option: read the lyrics of that very song from beginning to end. You can easily find it on our website. This section presents the largest database of texts of musical works on the vast Russian Internet. Here you can find the lyrics you need in several ways: alphabetical search; search by author (performer); search by song title. The collection of the music library is constantly being updated. At the bottom of the page there is a list of the most popular authors, which is constantly updated, depending on the rating. We wish you good luck and creative success!!